MEGWARE Solutions

In-house Developments with Customer Benefit

MEGWARE solutions are based on unique and smart software and hardware developments and provide turn-key and productive systems which are immediately ready for operation. All developments are oriented towards customers’ wishes and benefits and are optimized for the fields of application and use concerned. A well-founded professional training, the art of engineering and the inventive genius of the people of Saxony make the difference between MEGWARE solutions and less optimized systems offered by other providers.

Focus on the Essential

"Do what you can do best" - MEGWARE is deliberately focussing on its core business : HPC & Cluster as well as system solutions for schools, authorities and enterpises. In the field of HPC & Cluster, MEGWARE is Germany’s only medium-sized company looking after the customer groups of this sector with its entire team. From research and development up to service, all process operations are adapted to the requirements and needs of these customers.

Short Paths, Fast Reachability

Most systems are delivered and installed by MEGWARE staff directly at customer’s end. With our fleet of modern vehicles, we can reach any place in Germany and Europe - service assignments are basically carried out by our own specially trained service staff. Regarding upstream and subcontracting suppliers, MEGWARE also relies on the principle of proximity. All components are preferably made in the region, in Germany and in Europe. Made in Saxony, Germany and Europe is a quality label which also stands for social responsibility for and active commitment to this country.