HPC and Cluster

High Performance Computing with Compute Clusters

Nowadays, High Performance Computing cannot be imagined without compute clusters. Compute clusters are a favourable alternative to conventional mainframe computers and a profitable investment for a wide range of applications, and they can be extended in a flexible manner.

MEGWARE has developed and supplies cluster systems for high demands which are characterized by a number of unique solutions and meet even many unusual requirements.

Individual Clusters

MEGWARE develops and supplies optimized and homogeneous turn-key parallel computer systems ensuring high computing capacity and scalability according to special customer requirements.

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MEGWARE Benchmark Center

The MEGWARE Benchmark Center offers you the opportunity to test your applications on current hardware. Our HPC engineers are happy to advise you regarding optimal configurations.

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MEGWARE Cluster with Windows HPC Server 2008

Shorten the duration of implementation of your HPC projects with the use of cluster systems based on Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008. These systems speed up your applications, shorten the total execution time of your applications and provide an easy-to-use, cost-advantageous and scalable HPC solution.

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HPC with GPUs (NVIDIA® Tesla™)

Test Drive the World’s Fastest GPU Accelerator. Accelerate your most demanding high-performance data analytics and scientific computing applications with the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated-Computing Platform NVIDIA® Kepler™ GPUs, the world's fastest accelerators. The Tesla® K80 GPU is our latest and fastest accelerator.

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High-Availability Cluster

Corporate data and applications must be available and fail-safe at all times. If one hardware component fails, the consequences may be existence-threatening in today's professional environment. With a high-availability cluster, you can prevent such a situation.

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