References 2015


University of Hamburg awards MEGWARE the contract to procure an HPC cluster

MEGWARE succeeded in fending off the competition and was awarded the contract to procure a high-performance and efficient HPC cluster system at the University of Hamburg Regional Data Centre (RRZ). The HPC cluster is needed for use in a broad variety of scientific projects. It is considered the central asset in high-performance computing requirements, and will be used by the scientific working groups at the University of Hamburg and operated by the Regional Data Centre (RRZ). A number of different types of computer node will be needed to satisfy the heterogeneous requirements. MEGWARE’s proposed configurations include dual socket standard-compute nodes based on Xeon 8-core processors Core in the latest Haswell CPU generation. The expected computing performance ranges at approximately 250 TFlops of theoretical CPU peak performance. Besides additional service nodes, the HPC cluster includes two high-performance hard drives systems. MEGWARE has planned a Mellanox Interconnect based on 40 Gbit/s QDR Infiniband to provide rapid communication between all components installed and two Ethernet networks for cluster management and service (IPMI). The project will be completed mid-May.


Delivery of a new high-performance computer to the University of Rostock

The Chair of Modelling and Simulation focuses mainly on technical questions of how to create models that require numerical solutions in mechanical and ship engineering. The spectrum extends from fundamental research through to the provision of services within the framework of industrial development. The new computer cluster installed by MEGWARE and containing approximately 240 nodes permits simulations used to clarify underlying, fundamental issues and other research and development work closely related to practical application. The systems are fitted with the latest Intel-Haswell technology.