Public Index of Procedures

Public Index of Procedures of MEGWARE Computer GmbH Vertrieb und Service

The BDSG defines according to § 4g that the Operational Data Protection Manager is instructed to make the following information available for everyone in a suitable manner in accordance with § 4e BDSG. Hereby we meet this demand.

1. Name of the controller

MEGWARE Computer
Vertrieb und Service GmbH

2.1 Managing Directors

Dr. Gerd Maudrich
Steffen Eckerscham
Jürgen Gretzschel

2.2 Person in charge of data processing

Holger Hesselbarth

3. Address of controller

MEGWARE Computer
Vertrieb und Service GmbH
Nordstraße 19
D-09247 Chemnitz-Röhrsdorf

4. Purposes of collecting, processing or using data

The corporate purpose is development, assembly and distribution of high performance computing as well as IT technology and system solutions.

5. Recipients of data and characterisation of data and categories of data in this regard

All relevant groups of persons arise out of the purpose (no. 4) according to the following data categories.

Customer data/ debitor data
for example contact person, address data, contract data, data of payment, controlling data of customers and other debitors
Vendor data / creditor data
for example contract master file data, settlement and controlling data of vendors and service providers
Personnel data
for example planning data, contract master file and settlement data of applicants, employees and other advice entitled persons
Other personal data
for example data of business partners, prospectives and visitors

6. Donees or donee categories data is communicated to

Public bodies where priority statutory regulations exist
for example social insurance agencies, financial administrations
External clients according to § 11 BDSG and external bodies
Internal departments of MEGWARE Computer GmbH Vertrieb und Service to fulfil their purposes
for example personnel administration, project monitoring, sales and marketing

7. Standard periods for erasure of data

The legislative has adopted a variety of retention obligations and periods. After such periods have expired, the relevant data is routinely erased if it is no longer needed to meet contracts (e.g. customer contracts, rent agreements and employment contracts). Where data is not affected by this, it is erased when the purposes given under 5 no longer apply.

8. Planned transfer of data to third states

Data transfer to third states only results in scope of fulfilling the contract. Whether a transfer to third states is necessary, the corresponding statutory conditions of § 4b and c BDSG will be established.

9. Safety warranty while data processing

MEGWARE Computer GmbH Vertrieb und Service applies technical and organisational safety measures according to § 9 BDSG to protect the managed data against accidental or voluntary manipulation, loss, destruction or unjustified access. Inserted safety measures are amended regularly. That means MEGWARE Computer GmbH saves its data protection relevant information exclusively in protected areas and protected systems. Access is only allowed to a few authorised persons being addicted to data protection and deal with technical assistance, administrative assistance or assistance regarding to contents.

August 2012