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MEGWARE announces Supermicro® as a Sponsor for the HPC User Meeting 2015

Supermicro will support the HPC User Meeting 2015 as a Silver Sponsor.

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MEGWARE is sponsoring the Compute Cluster Conference 2015

The Computer Cluster Conference will be held for the first time on 19 March 2015 within the framework of CeBIT.

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Einladung zum 8. MEGWARE HPC User Meeting

Das MEGWARE HPC User Meeting findet dieses Jahr am 7. Mai 2015 statt.

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Ein erfolgreiches Vierteljahrhundert MEGWARE!

MEGWARE feiert am 1. Februar 2015 25-jähriges Jubiläum.

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SC 14 – New ideas and a fresh take on HPC

Spotlighting the most original and fascinating scientific and technical applications from around the world, SC14 had once again brought together the HPC community.

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MEGWARE received the Intel Cluster Ready Award 2014

MEGWARE got the prestigious Intel Cluster Ready Award 2014 at the SC14.

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MEGWARE and Numascale extend their collaboration - co-exhibit at SC14

New Orleans, November 17 to 20, 2014 – MEGWARE and Numascale marks the strengthening of collaboration by co-exhibiting for the third consecutive year at Supercomputing.

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MEGWARE's successful participation as a sponsor at the Martin-Luther-University

From 7.10.2014 to 10.09.2014 a Symposium on Novel Applications of Deep Sequencing in Medicine, Genomics, and Biodiversity Research takes place at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, which MEGWARE is sponsoring.

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Get more information about MEGWARE at the SC'14 in New Orleans

Join us at MEGWARE/Numascale Booth #1923.

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34th Heidelberg Run - We were there again!

On 19/07/2014 the traditional 34th Heidelberg run took place in Wüstenbrand, which is annually organized by the CLV MEGWARE eV.

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PRACE-3IP PCP Completes Successful Bidding Stage

The bidding stage of the PRACE-3IP PCP yielded 5 successful bids from around Europe.

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AEI, MEGWARE and ASUS deliver extreme computing power for analysis of gravitational-wave data

The combined efforts of AEI, MEGWARE and ASUS proved successful and the Atlas Computing Cluster is now at the forefront of the HPC world, proving that ASUS is able to meet the needs both of the largest customers and the most specialized applications.

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MEGWARE`s erfolgreiche Teilnahme an der Internationalen Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig

Vom 23. bis 25. Juni 2014 präsentierte sich die MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH auf der International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Leipzig mit neuem Firmenlogo und neuester Technik.

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Visit MEGWARE at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2014 in Leipzig

23.-25. June 2014, Booth #120

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7. HPC User Meeting 2014

8 May 2014 saw top European researchers, users and developers in Chemnitz for the seventh time, learning about current developments in the world of high-performance computing and exchanging practical experiences.

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Xyratex Enters into Reseller Agreement with MEGWARE

New Reseller Agreement Accelerates the Adoption of ClusterStor™ High Performance Storage Solutions across the European HPC Market

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Aktualne projekty


Universität Hamburg erteilt MEGWARE den Zuschlag für die Beschaffung eines HPC-Cluster

MEGWARE konnte sich gegen andere Mitbewerber durchsetzen und bekam den Zuschlag für die Beschaffung eines leistungsstarken und effizienten HPC Cluster Systems am Regionalen Rechenzentrum (RRZ) der Universität Hamburg. Der HPC-Cluster wird für den Einsatz verschiedenster wissenschaftlicher Projekte benötigt. Es gilt als zentrale Ressource für Hochleistungsrechenbedarf, welches von den wissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgruppen der Universität Hamburg genutzt und vom Regionalen Rechenzentrum (RRZ) betrieben wird. Zur Erfüllung der heterogenen Anforderungen werden verschiedene Typen von Compute-Knoten benötigt. Der Konfigurationsvorschlag von MEGWARE umfasst Dual Socket Standard-Compute-Knoten, basierend auf Intel Xeon 8-Core Prozessoren der neuesten „Haswell“ CPU-Generation. Die zu erwartende Rechenleistung beträgt ca. 250 TFlops theoretische CPU Peak Performance. Neben weiteren Service-Knoten beinhaltet das HPC-Cluster zwei leistungsstarke Festplattensysteme. Für eine schnelle Kommunikation aller angebotenen Komponenten hat MEGWARE ein Mellanox Interconnect basierend auf 40 Gbit/s QDR Infiniband sowie zwei Ethernet Netzwerke für das Cluster-Management sowie für Service (IPMI) vorgesehen. Das Projekt wird Mitte Mai realisiert.


Delivery of a new high-performance computer to the University of Rostock

The Chair of Modelling and Simulation focuses mainly on technical questions of how to create models that require numerical solutions in mechanical and ship engineering. The spectrum extends from fundamental research through to the provision of services within the framework of industrial development. The new computer cluster installed by MEGWARE and containing approximately 240 nodes permits simulations used to clarify underlying, fundamental issues and other research and development work closely related to practical application. The systems are fitted with the latest Intel-Haswell technology.


CERN awards MEGWARE another contract in a multiple-digit million euro range

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research into the underlying physical principles of our world. Researchers at CERN probe the fundamental structure of the universe, investigating the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide at close to the speed of light. This involves a staggering technical effort to manufacturer and operate the systems, and places extreme requirements in the data analysis tasks that the computers are asked to perform. Here, MEGWARE was awarded the contract to boost the computing capacity in the IT data centres, and is scheduled to deliver over 3000 new server systems based on Intel-Haswell technology by the end of March 2015.


Expansion of HPC systems at the German Weather Service

MEGWARE expanded the high performance computer from the German Weather Service in Offenbach and installed two new Linux cluster, each with 260 Intel Xeon processors and a total capacity of 10.4 teraflops/s. Both HPC systems are used as front-end processors for the installed Cray XC30. They process meteorological data and provide model calculations in form of maps and meteograms.


Successful completion of phase 2 at the North German Association to Promote High and Highest Performance Computing

MEGWARE supports the expansion of the new supercomputer at the North German Association to Promote High and Highest Performance Computing (HLRN III) as a partner of Cray. The HLRN III Association operates a massively parallel supercomputer and was significantly expanded in the second phase. MEGWARE delivered the SMP part based on 64 compute blades with Intel Sandy Bridge processor technology in Hannover.