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MEGWARE: From mass to class

MEGWARE 20 years later. Dirk Viertel, Managing Director, provides us information about the field of application and the problems in the business with Compute Cluster. (Source: Morgenpost, 02.02.2010)

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MEGWARE sells supercomputer also in a crunch

Dirk Viertel, Managing Director of MEGWARE, looks ahead after a positive annual balance sheet in 2009. (Source: Freie Presse, 01.02.2010)

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Companies are focussing on family-friendly policy in times of shortage of qualified workers

MEGWARE focusses on a family-friendly policy to keep young qualified workers from the region in the region. (Source: Freie Presse, 26.01.2010)

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"There has been a lot of progress in the specialised trade of Germany"

As well as every branch the IT branch can't escape of the funding crisis. Dirk Viertel, Managing Director of MEGWARE, reports about the handling of the situation. (Source: Computer Reseller News, 17.12.2009)

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17 projects in the nationwide contest „365 Orte im Land der Ideen“ successful

"IT-Bündnis für Fachkräfte", where MEGWARE is founder member, is awarded in the nationwide contest named „365 Orte im Land der Ideen“ of the initiative „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“. In Saxony, 17 projects were successful. (source:, 26.11.2009)

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