Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Goettingen (Germany)

Delivery and installation of an HPC cluster system for research tasks in various areas of science

Equipment :

  • Number of processor cores : 600
  • Number of nodes : 150
  • Processor type : Intel Xeon 5160
  • Interconnect : Infiniband DDR
  • Rack system : MEGWARE SlashFive
  • Liquid-cooled server cabinets

Research tasks in various areas of science like astronomy, biophysical and inorganic chemistry. For instance, this cluster simulates the formation in time of instabilities in our solar system and examines the mechanical properties of DNA molecules and the folding conditions of proteins.

Expert's opinion:
Dr Ulrich Schwardmann (GWDG) "With the new Intel-Woodcrest architecture, we expect a considerable increase in performance as compared to previous cluster architectures. The Dual-Core technology is especially used for programs of low SMP scalability."

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