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Everything a company does has a direct impact on our environment. Without energy, logistics costs, and packaging, service providers with a manufacturing focus cannot carry out their business. That’s why it is all the more important to act in an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient manner, and to utilize the available resources sensibly and sparingly.

The technology market is continuing to experience positive growth. Modern research and development, and the associated complexity, is no longer possible without the use of high performance computers, where it is becoming increasingly difficult not only to build fast supercomputers, but also to reduce the extremely high energy demand.

We acknowledge just how important this is by designing energy-efficient products. Our development team uses solution concepts with components designed to deliver both maximum computing power and maximum energy efficiency. For example, we use energy-saving server components, efficient cooling systems, and resource-friendly air-conditioning concepts for data centers.

The entire lifecycle of material-intensive technology – from its development and use through its withdrawal from service – should end with its environmentally-friendly disposal. We support you in the disposal of legacy systems and systems you no longer require.

MEGWARE is certified according to environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and registered with the German National Register for Waste Electric Equipment (EAR) under registration number DE14469028 and pledges to comply with its legal take-back obligations.