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In-house Developments

Based on our project experience, we carry out our own hardware and software development work.

Our engineers develop innovative products and solutions, designed specifically for the field of HPC and incorporating the latest technologies available on the market.


The latest MEGWARE Compute Platform SlideSX®-LC is equipped with an innovative highly efficient direct liquid cooling.

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The MEGWARE-Compute platform SlideSX® can be integrated 10 compute nodes or 5 accelerated compute nodes on just 5 U.

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The intelligent multiple switch ClustSafe® has been developed for use in universal applications. The switch sequentially connects cluster nodes with the power supply system after power failure or when restarting the system. Additionally, it features a wide range of interesting safety functions.

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ClustWare® is the optimal solution for the management, monitoring and administration of compute clusters.

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ColdCon® is an innovative cooling system with hot water cooling directly within the server. In this way, HPC systems with high packaging density can be cooled very effectively and efficiently. Runback temperatures of up to 60 °C allow the use of free cooling and even the reuse of the waste-heat produced.

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RackView® (End of Life)

Many cluster systems which are not optimized for energy-efficient continuous operation require operating costs equal to the total amount of investment, within a couple of years. The RackView® has been developed to avoid such a situation. RackView® is an indispensable support for saving energy and controlling your cost budget.

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ClustRack® is a network cabinet developed for special applications in cluster systems which is based on our long-standing practical experience as a provider and supplier of HPC systems.

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