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Although it includes a wide range of functions, the management system provides comfortable control and administration of compute clusters. It consists of a combination of hardware and software modules, and a web-based user surface allows administrators to control the system in a neat and simple manner.

Major importance is given to the supervision of all system and performance parameters, the early detection of faults at hardware components and a comfortable and centralized control and administration of software and hardware.

The appliance receives data from special management cards, which work autonomously. There is one of those cards in every node. Our multifunctional display RackView® indicates all important information directly at the cabinet, such as the number of active and inactive nodes, the CPU rate of utilization, energy consumption and many other parameters.

For the management of the entire cluster, a dedicated computer is available as ClustWare®-Appliance. At this point, the data of all individual racks are converging. The Appliance allows users to configure, control and supervise the resources of the entire cluster system.

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