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ColdCon® - Hot water cooling

In HPC systems installed at this point of time, a major part of energy available is used for providing the air conditioning required and for producing cold. This is no must. Large-scale saving of energy can be achieved by means of free recooling and even by reusing the waste-heat produced.

ColdCon® is an innovative hot water direct cooling system for the simultaneous and efficient cooling of computer systems with high packaging densities. The system is able to run at flow temperatures of 25 °C and more. As a result, recooling to lower temperatures becomes superfluous. Runback temperatures above 35 °C allow the use of free cooling. Very high runback temperatures of more than 60 °C even allow for the reuse of the waste-heat produced (for heating and cooling rooms and buildings). Thus, valuable energy is no longer lost.

ColdCon® can be used not only in the field of high-performance computers but also for Web and rendering farms or in systems for server virtualization.


In each server module frame, a heat sensor of copper is directly integrated. This component of the ColdCon® solution is called ClustCool®. The heat produced is directly taken up from the processors and from the chip set by means of warm cooling water and removed from the nodes. In this way, the heat hotspots are cooled very effectively.

The use of different housing systems, main boards and CPU technologies is no problem – the ColdCon® architecture can be flexibly adapted. The exchange of individual components is easy and above all secure. All connections are leak-free.

Each plug-in within the computer system is connected to a central water conduit which removes the heat to the on-site water cooling circuit, by means of a heat exchanger. The secondary circuit is a closed cooling circuit and is therefore independent of the water quality on site.

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