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The SlideSX®-LC delivers efficient direct cooling for HPC compute nodes with the highest performance Intel Xeon CPUs, combining maximum compute performance with minimum space thanks to the high power density.

Direct water cooling permits direct extraction of the heat produced in the compute nodes. Each compute node slot in the liquid cooling (LC) model is fitted with a cooling unit for direct liquid cooling.

Liquid-cooled elements directly introduce the waste heat from each component into the water circuit. The fanless compute nodes therefore save energy and reduce noise emission in the data centre. The system handles operation with high water temperatures and therefore permits energy-efficient, all-year free cooling or downstream use in the production of hot water or heating support, among others.

The SlideSX®-LC is just a service-friendly as the air-cooled version. Each of the direct-cooled compute nodes can be removed and reintegrated by HotSwap for maintenance purposes. The system is connected to the cooling circuit via automatic leak-free connectors in the back­plane.

SlideSX® ist Intel® Cluster Ready certified.

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