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No two customers are the same, and no two projects are alike. We deal with a wide variety of requirements and tasks on a daily basis.

Lichtenberg II made it to the TOP100


We are proud to announce that the new High Performance Cluster Lichtenberg II at TU Darmstadt made it to the TOP100 (TOP500) as currently Germany…

DEEP-EST project reaches major milestone


MEGWARE is proud to announce that with the delivery and installation of the last of its three modules, the build-up of the DEEP-EST prototype system…

Extension of „Brain“ Cluster heats new data center of University Greifswald


The hot water-cooled “Brain” cluster of University of Greifswald, which was delivered in 2015, will be extended this year by a new HPC cluster. Both…

MEGWARE awards the contract for a new HPC cluster at University of Siegen


With over 460 MEGWARE nodes in eight server racks, the Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnik (ZIMT) of University of Siegen will receive new…

DEEP-EST project is entering the third round


With the installation of the first of three Extreme Scale Booster (ESB) racks by MEGWARE reaches the build-up of the DEEP-EST prototype at Jülich its…

MEGWARE installs new Cluster at DLR Jena


The Institute of Data Science is beeing supported with new compute power. MEGWARE delivers and installs the new High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA)…

New HPC-Cluster for University of Rostock


Equipped with 88 MEGWARE compute nodes, 16.9 TB DDR4 main memory and a theoretical compute power of 292.9 TFlops RPEAK, the new HPC Cluster provides…

New MEGWARE Compute Cluster is put into operation at TU Freiberg


The new MEGWARE Compute Cluster at TU Bergakademie Freiberg is now officially inaugurated. The program for the ceremony consisted of a series of…

MEGWARE installs the second DEEP-EST Module at JSC


The build-up of the prototype system for the DEEP-EST project is entering the second round. After installing the first module (Cluster Module) earlier…

MODERN HPC cluster supports landscape research at the ZALF


Since April this year, the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) is pleased about the energy efficient HPC Cluster with 125…

MEGWARE and SCHÄFER IT-SYSTEMS provide water-based cooling at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre


When it comes to data centre operation, one of the greediest energy consumers is the cooling system. A solution to increase the energy efficiency is…

„CooLMUC-3 is the pilot system for future system cooling concepts of high performance computing.“


Early in May we were visiting Dr. Huber, Head of High Performance Systems Department at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Garching. In a short…

First module for DEEP-EST has been installed


As part of the DEEP-EST project, the first module was installed this week in Jülich. Two more will follow by the end of this year. In addition to the…

MEGWARE supplies extension for the hot water cooled CooLMUC3


The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Garching is looking forward to an extension of the CooLMUC3 cluster. Since February of this year, the…

GOETHE-University relies again on MEGWARE high performance computer


Since February of this year, the MEGWARE supercomputer GOETHE-HLR supports scientific experiments of the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) of the…

University of Münster picks MEGWARE to build new supercomputer PALMA II


Chemnitz, March 27, 2018 – MEGWARE headquarters  


PALMA II - hearing this term may easily make you start dreaming about sun, palms and sandy…

MEGWARE wins contract for the installation of the new hot water-cooled, high-performance computer “CooLMUC 3” at the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) in Garching


Chemnitz, January 30, 2017 – MEGWARE headquarters


The Leibniz Supercomputing Center of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities is set to…

MEGWARE adds around 10,000 CPU cores to bwUniCluster supercomputer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) / Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)


Chemnitz. September 14, 2016 – MEGWARE


In 2014 the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) commissioned a parallel computer for Baden-Wurttemberg as…