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Sponsoring and Initiatives

Our responsibility in and for the region is particularly reflected in our commitment to economic and athletic projects.

IT-Bündnis Chemnitz (IT alliance)

IT-Bündnis Chemnitz was founded in 2007 by Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (Economic Development Corporation, City of Chemnitz (CWE)) in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science at Chemnitz University of Technology and local commercial enterprises from the IT sector.

The objective of the alliance is to attract qualified young people into the IT sector and to help them advance in their careers. In addition to programs for school students, the annual lecture series initiative, cooperatively supervised seminar papers, and trainee and mentoring programs are just some of the many activities organized by IT-Bündnis Chemnitz.


Vision: to strengthen the region

IT-Bündnis Chemnitz’s partners actively address the issue of the growing shortage of skills in the region. Through close, sustained communication between the scientific community and industry, the network helps students make the transition from theory to professional practice as smoothly as possible,

whereby we act as an intermediary, in collaboration with other regional IT companies, Chemnitz University of Technology, and CWE. With our activities, we raise awareness for and increase the appeal of Chemnitz as a place to study and work – beyond the region’s borders as well.

Chemnitzer Laufverein
Chemnitzer Laufverein (Running Club)

From the idea to the club

After several years of membership and countless successes with sports club SG Adelsberg, six of the club’s runners were seeking a new challenge. To pool and focus on the running potential of the Chemnitz region, the athletes decided to break away from SG Adelsberg, a large club covering a number of different sports. The decision to set up their own running club was born.

When we heard about the founding of the club, we immediately expressed our desire to sponsor it. MEGWARE became its main sponsor, which led to the runners naming their club „Chemnitzer Laufverein MEGWARE e.V.“.


The club’s objective

CLV MEGWARE currently has approx. 50 active runners, who actively compete at regional and national, as well as international events.

The club does not just want to make a name for itself in Saxony, but throughout Germany – by focusing on strong running performances at the highest level. Joint training sessions, training camps, and trips to events strengthen the team spirit of the club’s members and motivate them to achieve top performances.