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7. HPC User Meeting 2014


Chemnitz, Germany, 8 May 2014 –7th HPC User Meeting

8 May 2014 saw top European researchers, users and developers in Chemnitz for the seventh time, learning about current developments in the world of high-performance computing and exchanging practical experiences. "The number of participants has doubled and we expect to see interesting presentations on future supercomputing technology leading up to 2020," said Jürgen Gretzschel – Managing Director of MEGWARE Computer GmbH – in preparation for the event.
In his view, Saxony is developing into a centre of knowledge transfer for supercomputer experts from all around the world, as the next supercomputing conference is to take place in Leipzig once again.
High performance computing (HPC) offers users and researchers numerous advantages in the scientific calculation required for the modelling and simulation of complex systems. Today, HPC is in use in all fields of natural and technical science, especially in the technology centre Germany. In the past 15 years MEGWARE has become one of the leading European supercomputing specialist with its own developments in hardware and software, as well as specially-developed green IT solutions with enormous electricity saving effects and nearly 1,000 installations at universities, computing centres and at major industrial customers, particularly in the field of car manufacturing.

"We are highly satisfied with this development, as the strong rise in participant numbers for the 7th HPC User Meeting reflects the increasingly significant role of MEGWARE high-performance computers in Europe," says Jürgen Gretzschel.
In past years the response of participants was already thoroughly positive. Where in the first years the event was a German-speaking one, it was later opened up for contacts from throughout Europe. Large numbers of participants come to Chemnitz from Norway, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Austria and Germany from fields including research, teaching and industry, in order to exchange and obtain information regarding ways, applications and opportunities in the area of high-performance computing.

In addition, the event also indicates that the path between more intensive co-operation between research and teaching with the constructive support of industrial companies is ideal for computing problems such as climate research more efficiently, precisely and swiftly.
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