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Latest SlideSX®-LC Compute Plattform again has been certified for Intel® Cluster Ready


At the ISC High Performance event 2017 MEGWARE presented the new version of the SlideSX®-LC compute platform, based on latest Intel® Xeon® and Xeon® Phi technologies and equipped with the innovative MEGWARE ColdCon® hot water cooling system for CPUs, VRs, DIMMs and I/O. The new version of the SlideSX®-LC also operates with liquid-cooled power supplies. Combined with the world's first hot water cooled 48-port Intel® Omni-Path switch, 100% fanless HPC systems are available today from MEGWARE.

In cooperation with Intel® as technology partner the new “SlideSX®-LC Xeon® Processor Scalable Platform” has been optimized for Intel® Cluster Ready architecture and got now the official certification. Intel® hereby certifies that the new SlideSX®-LC HPC system has successfully passed the Intel® Cluster Checker test, so an unrestricted compatibility of all system components can be ensured.

Intel® Cluster Ready makes it easier to gain the performance advantages of HPC clusters. Developed with hardware and software vendors, Intel® Cluster Ready lets you match your HPC applications to today’s leading platforms and components. Preconfigured cluster solutions are delivered ready to run, so you can unleash more parallel performance faster.