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MEGWARE's successful participation as a sponsor at the Martin-Luther-University


Deep sequencing technologies have revolutionized genome research in the last decade. Deep sequencing is the current standard in the high-throughput sequencing. Projects will be implemented, which require an efficient and cost-effective sequencing of several million reads on DNA or RNA level.

Applications include the Exom Sequencing, Pathway Analysis, Multiplex Amplicon Sequencing, Complete Genome Sequencing, identification of SNPs and Mutations in larger patient groups, Transcriptome Analysis, Gene Regulation, RNA-editing, ChIP-seq, Methylation analysis, Mutation and Breakpoint Identification of tumor aberrations and metagenomics.

These technologies have not only initiated a drop in sequencing costs, but provided so far unknown data coverage. The cost inflation and the deep data coverage made a plethora of new research projects possible that were unthinkable before, and novel applications of deep sequencing in medicine, genomics, and biodiversity research develop daily. These data sets create a need for high performance analysis and storage solutions.

Therefore, the symposium will bring together experts with experimental and computational background from different life sciences to discuss novel applications and future challenges of deep sequencing in a stimulating environment at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

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