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IPU-Machine: M2000

Second generation IPU systems for AI infrastructure at scale

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A core, new building block for AI infrastructure, the IPU-M2000 is powered by 4 x Colossus Mk2 GC200, Graphcore’s second generation 7nm IPU. It packs 1 PetaFlop of AI compute, up to 450GB Exchange Memory and 2.8Tbps IPU-Fabric for super low latency communication, in a slim 1U blade to handle the most demanding of machine intelligence workloads.

  • 4 x Colossus™ Mk2 GC200 IPU
  • 1 PetaFlop AI compute
  • 5888 independent processor cores
  • Up to 450 GB Exchange Memory™
  • 180 TB/s Exchange Memory™ bandwidth
  • 2.8Tbps ultra-low latency IPU-Fabric™
  • Direct connect or via Ethernet switches
  • Collectives and all-reduce operations support
  • Arm Cortex quad-core A-series SoC
  • Industry standard 1U
  • Poplar SDK
  • PopVision visualization and analysis tools
  • Virtual-IPU comprehensive virtualization and workload manager support
  • Support for SLURM workload manager
  • Support for Kubernetes orchestration
  • OpenBMC management built-in
  • Grafana system monitoring tool interface

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