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To provide for performant HPC infrastructures, we tackle the latest core issues relating to high performance computing and design our own HPC products. Our power distribution solution ClustSafe® is used to monitor energy and has been designed to sequentially connect compute nodes with the power supply.

The multiple switch consists of one central control unit per rack and up to eight ClustSafe® modules, each with space to connect twelve compute nodes. This means that you can expand it to up to 96 power connections. A separate performance measurement is integrated for each connection.
Highly effective internal line filters protect your connected appliances from harmful interference pulses from the power supply, while sensors monitor the air conditioning. ClustSafe® therefore significantly contributes to the system security of the entire cluster.

The power distribution solution comprises a protective device called RackSecure®, which is also developed in-house and which manages the power current in the cabinet. In the event that the air-conditioning system fails, a temperature sensor will disconnect the rack, to protect the entire technology from permanent damage.

Since no further supply lines need to be installed, RackSecure® also facilitates subsequent expansion of the cluster.

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