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HPC Infrastructure

To manage complex tasks in science, research, and industry, massively parallel high performance computers require a sound infrastructure that functions reliably and without interruption, and that offers powerful performance.

The challenge is to implement the relevant requirements in a stable, cost-optimized HPC infrastructure. Since we comprehensively tackle functional and technical requirements, we integrate a stable environment for your HPC architecture, with individual racks and accessories, as well as power and cooling components that all meet the highest analysis and processing speed requirements.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field, close collaboration with leading technology manufacturers, and many years’ experience, we can actively support you in selecting custom-fit components. We tailor these specifically to your individual requirements and guarantee that all processes are supported by a powerful, cost-effective infrastructure.

Opt for a new infrastructure or to expand your existing capacities. We offer a whole range of options for maximizing the flexibility of your HPC infrastructure.

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