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HPC Networks

Today’s applications require a new approach to HPC network architecture. To improve your network performance, we offer state-of-the-art, vendor-neutral solutions. The system components are customized to your individual requirements.

To guarantee the smooth operation of HPC clusters, two types of connection are used: a service/management network (typically Ethernet), for managing and monitoring the individual nodes, and a very fast interprocess network, for processing data and parallel computations.

For loosely linked applications with little data traffic, an Ethernet fabric can be used. CPU-intensive applications, however, require adequate bandwidth and a low latency. To guarantee the smooth transfer of data, a high performance network is therefore required between the nodes.

Our solution – a high-speed network, based on InfiniBand or Omni-Path, that provides high bandwidths and data streams with low latency times. These technologies enable us to design topologies of several 10,000s of computing nodes for maximum data sharing.

To meet individual requirements as best as possible, we also offer alternative connection technologies, including Extoll network technology, based on an in-house developed chip which significantly increases network performance and reduces data transfer times.

Leverage our extensive experience in using powerful cluster network solutions. Equip your network with future-oriented components. We will advise you on suitable high-speed technologies and support you with custom-fit configurations.

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