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Rack Systems – ClustRack®

The cabinet system always makes a lasting impression, thanks to its complex server and system architecture. However, design alone is not the most important criterion when it comes to selecting a network cabinet. The permanently high availability of its components is the main requirement of a rack.

As part of our HPC system planning service, we provide a comprehensive range of cabinet systems and cooling solutions – from 19” racks for the air-cooled version and integration in existing cooling infrastructures through our direct liquid-cooling concepts.

Whereby we use tried-and-tested approaches such as water-cooled rear door coolers and cabinet side coolers from leading manufacturers, and adapt these to the existing infrastructure at the installation location. Here, we not only adapt the water flow rate, but we also configure specific environmental parameters. This enables us to ensure maximum efficiency of the server systems alongside optimal cooling capacity.

Customer-specific housings are an additional focus of our infrastructure solutions. Unlike cooling components mounted directly on the cabinet, these are systems in which several racks are separated as an island. Depending on the relevant requirements, these housings are configured either as cold or hot aisles.

In addition to typical rack systems, we also offer customized solutions. Container solutions are, for example, used for the flexible go-live and use of HPC systems outside of data centers. For the integration of compute servers in areas with heightened security regulations, we also provide a variety of safe cabinets, enclosed by a strongbox for protection from potential external threats.


ClustRack® is a special network cabinet, optimized by our development team for the operation of clusters.

The advantage of this cabinet over many of the cabinets available on the market is its versatility. A variety of sizes provides for the right frame for each cluster.

With the fail-safe safeguard RackSecure® for emergency shutdown in the event of an air-conditioning system failure, the right power distribution solution is already integrated.

Depending on the specific conditions at the place of installation, cooling concepts can enhance the possible applications of ClustRack®.

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