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Thin Clients

Thin clients are computers that cannot be seen or heard. They are easy to manage, can be quickly integrated, and disappear behind screens, in presentation displays, furnishings, or cable duct.

Thin clients were originally used only as end devices in banks and at cash desks. Through the further development of network infrastructures, the area of application has become much larger. Thin client technology makes the introduction of cloud computing, the change to terminal server operation, and the use of virtual desktops (VDI) easy. Less hardware and computing power is required, since data is processed by a central server.

The advantages are instantly obvious – thin clients require less energy, no or hardly any ventilation, and have longer runtimes and working times. A further advantage are the low acquisition and maintenance costs.

Thin client networks are particularly popular in schools, where they are simply a display device for students. The actual operating system, together with the relevant software and rights management, is stored centrally on a server. The advantage of this is that only the central system’s hardware components that need to be maintained and updated on a regular basis. This enables us to guarantee you maximum efficiency.

And it gets smaller still – zero clients.

Zero clients are the most cost-effective solution for a growing number of applications in the terminal environment (Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware). They install exactly what you require.

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