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With our high performance workstation Miriquid®, we fulfil your configuration requirements in line with the highest quality standards. Individually tailored to your application requirements, you get the right combination of processor, memory, and graphics, coupled with maximum power, efficiency, and stability. Miriquid® workstations stand out for their very latest in innovations and best-in-class technology.

For example, our workstations are equipped with two Intel Haswell-E processors with up to 36 cores. In addition to AVX2.0, the current Haswell-EP architecture also supports DDR4 memory with a 2,133 MHz memory clock for maximum memory throughput. SSDs are used for fast memory and large SATA hard disks for data storage. InfiniBand and 10/40GbE Ethernet can be integrated for rapid network access.

When using CAD, GFX, and massively parallel computational tasks, graphics cards are hugely advantageous. Depending on the software used, we recommend using up to four NVIDIA Quadro or FirePro models from AMD. If your software is based on Intel’s Many Integrated Core Architecture, Xeon Phi coprocessors are also an option.

Our server-grade housings are equipped with temperature-controlled fans for quiet operation and guarantee 24-hour operation under full load. The 80 PLUS certified redundant power supply units provide for a high level of reliability and efficiency.

This gives you with a high performance system with maximum potential and low noise levels. Boost your productivity and leverage the high performance potential of your workstation.

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