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To keep pace with the rapid innovation cycles of IT technologies, we offer a wealth of financing plans for apportioning the relevant costs across the economic life of the hardware on a usage basis. This minimizes the financial and technological risks of a purchase.

Our leasing models enable you to constantly keep pace with the latest technology, despite the fast rate of innovation. Through leasing, we offer the option of a flexible, affordable investment. You have fixed monthly costs, and can thereby avoid high financial outlay. This makes it easier for you to plan your budget.

Our initial equipping and expansion concepts, with flexible financing offers, enable practically every company to make future-oriented investments in HPC and IT technology.

Leasing also offers you other interesting advantages:

  • No high one-off investment costs
  • Credit line preserved
  • Technology can be updated, with update options
  • Monthly leasing payments offer tax benefits
  • Ancillary costs, e.g. VAT and installation fees, can be incorporated in the lease payments
  • No charge for the disposal of waste equipment following its useful life