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Relocation Data Center

Due to today’s complex infrastructures, the relocation of a data center poses a particular challenge. With our many years’ experience in the delivery and setup of HPC clusters, we can provide you with specialist support from experienced technical staff.

Since data needs to be continuously available and secure, the relocation of a data center must be well planned. Both technical requirements and business processes need to be taken into consideration. Due to the mostly time-critical aspect, first-rate, detailed organization and sound coordination, based on experience and expertise, are crucial.

We take on the management of your entire project, and are specialized in securely dismantling your HPC systems, transporting them within the relevant timeframe, and setting them up again at your new location, including any new cabling required.

The process is essentially as follows:


In a first step, we systematically analyze and document the hardware and software landscape at the place of dismantlement and setup, including a description of the relevant condition.

Relocation plan:

Following the appraisal, we draft a detailed relocation plan. This includes infrastructure planning for the energy supply, cooling, administration, and computer rooms.


We guarantee the professionally coordinated relocation of your data center by our HPC and logistics specialists. Constant communication and monitoring are the key prerequisites for a smooth relocation. Finally, we put all systems into operation and check for potential sources of error.


We even have the necessary rollout competence to roll out your systems reliably and on time.

We will be more than happy to advise you in person.