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Digital education and modern learning environments describe the current development of education. Educational institutions have the task of giving people the tools to participate autonomously in digitized society.

Pupils and students are more actively involved in the classroom with the help of the networked classroom, interactive whiteboards and panels in combination with student feedback systems and the integration of laptops, tablets or smartphones. The use of state-of-the-art technology does not replace the classic frontal teaching, but extends it by those components that promote both individual and group work. The quality of the education system is improved as digital media facilitate individualized and cooperative learning.

We develop tailor-made solutions for all types of schools and universities and respond individually to the wishes and needs of teachers and professors and their areas of responsibility. Our certified project managers and technicians will assist you with advice and assistance in planning and implementing your project.

The interactive classroom, the future for new ways of teaching and working, is increasingly finding its way into schools and educational institutions. Through selected tools you can create an interactive lesson.

The goal of modern learning environments is to assemble learning materials, tools and subject-related knowledge in a way that has a positive impact on teaching and learning behavior. The achievements of the students are promoted by timely and coordinated learning environments. The sensible interaction of hardware and software as well as the extension to individual student-teacher interactions such as student feedback systems or cloud-based working with mobile devices is the ideal complete solution of an interactive classroom. In addition, the offer of so-called "Open Educational Resources", free teaching and learning materials for modern teaching that can be integrated within this technology. We will show you how to use these novel teaching aids in your school in a targeted and effective way. We develop tailor-made solutions for all types of schools and universities and respond individually to the wishes and needs of teachers and professors and their areas of responsibility. Our certified project managers and technicians will assist you with advice and assistance in planning and implementing your project.

Improved IT equipment in school cabinets and computer rooms creates a new learning culture. Independent learning is promoted through the educational use of media in the classroom.

In order to strengthen the media literacy of the students and to accelerate the self-evident use of computers, classrooms must be equipped accordingly and media made available. Through the use of digitally supported teaching and learning environments, the traditional classroom will be enhanced with a host of new options.

As IT technology is subject to rapid development, equipment planning must be based on future-oriented technology. The media conception should take into account both flexible hardware expansion options and changing pedagogical conditions.

As an experienced IT solution provider, we support you in the modernization of your school cabinets and computer rooms, from consulting and planning to delivery and set-up as well as the installation and acceptance of media-based IT technology. Here we provide you with a portfolio of PC systems, TFT displays, printers and school software as well as presentation techniques, projectors with whiteboard or screen as a mobile or permanently installed solution. We also advise you on WLAN infrastructure and mobile media technology such as notebooks or tablets.

We offer you all the necessary components of hardware, software and services from a single source. In order to reduce the maintenance and administration costs, we pay attention to the most uniform possible equipment and well thought-out infrastructure.

With interactive whiteboards, matching educational software and interactive media, you will attract the attention of your students. An interactive electronic board that works in conjunction with a computer and projector, the whiteboard is the classic of media-based educational technology. It uses sensors to provide a coordinate system that makes the functions of a PC visible to everyone.

Each application can be operated directly on the surface by pen or finger pressure. Thus, the interactive whiteboard serves as a large output unit for the software and peripheral devices you use. Presentations and recordings can thus be created, edited and saved. Through colorful graphics, audio and video sequences, interactive animations and simulations attractive panels are designed.

Interactivity encourages student involvement in the classroom by allowing images and words to be easily scaled or moved. Each step can be saved and reproduced at another time. This leads to increased motivation among the students, as it offers excellent opportunities to illustrate the learning content; They give the teachers a tremendous amount of flexibility.

To best equip your classroom, we work with the leading manufacturers offering different whiteboard sizes and finishes. Create an exciting and interactive learning environment that encourages student attention and curiosity.

The demands on computer networks in schools have risen sharply due to the increased use of media-based technologies. Schools need a system solution to meet this challenge and to ensure up-to-date teaching.

For a safer school network combined with intuitive operation, we will provide you with a tailor-made solution according to your needs. In the area of ​​the multimedia school network, we work together with the two leading providers AixConcept and EBS.

On school computers there is a constant change of users. Therefore, students in the school network must have easy access to their data from any PC. On the other hand, the computers should be sufficiently protected against unwanted interventions.

MNSpro school network is a network solution of AixConcept GmbH, which fulfills these requirements and has already been successfully implemented in Germany at numerous schools. The unified desktop interface on all computers ensures a smooth course of the lesson, since the lecturers and students all functions are always available in the same place. To guarantee network security, users and access rights can be easily managed and adjusted. You therefore have full control over your school network. The secure use of the system is associated with high performance, stable operation, easy administration and low maintenance.

alphadidact® digital from EBS is a holistic digital PC training system whose core function is the real-time image transmission of high-resolution screen content. The multimedia training system enables networking and centralized control of all digital media in the classroom. The aim of the centrally controlled multimedia system is the didactic support of teachers during computer-aided training. Numerous features have been developed specifically for the visually-based training to actively integrate and guide attendees. Teachers, lecturers and trainers as well as pupils and students can concentrate on the essentials - the training content.

Software solutions for the educational sector network the individual computers server-independent, so that multimedia elements are transmitted in real time. Cross-platform software enriches your lessons with didactically valuable functions.

With the classroom management tool "MasterSolution Suite XL" of the company MasterSolution lecturers are given the opportunity to realize individual computer-assisted lessons. With just one click, applications can be opened or closed on the student PCs or defined content can be shared. Access to unwanted software or storage media can be restricted or blocked.

The central administration and control of the entire network is possible. All applications are broadcast in real-time, so students can follow the lesson in a focused way and the instructor can answer questions directly.

The pedagogical management solution also optimizes working with external media and thereby specifically supports the teacher's mobility via iPad, tablet or smartphone. We offer uncomplicated and didactically proven solutions.

Appropriate handling of child and youth-endangering content on the Internet is the focus of a digitally supported curriculum. On the one hand, the Internet offers students a wide range of options for obtaining further information about the subject matter for a better understanding. On the other hand, the Internet carries the risk of accessing problematic content. Therefore, to protect children and young people from inappropriate content, filters are needed.

The software "School Filter Plus" by the company Time for Kids offers schools a professional concept for the fulfillment of the legal child and youth protection on the Internet. When using search engines, the program performs the secure search. Thumbnails with degrading content are blocked. Even the ban on advertising at educational institutions can be met with just one click.

The technology used is currently the most powerful filter solution on the market. It blocks child and adolescent content from Germany as well as from abroad. With the holistic youth protection package, the requirements of the youth media protection laws are permanently fulfilled and the lecturers are supported in the fulfillment of their duty of supervision.

In addition to the aspects for child and youth protection, the software generally offers the educators the possibility to allow desired content and to block disturbing ones. For this purpose, the Schulrouter Plus concept is available to you, with which the entire school network can be controlled. An integrated antivirus tool additionally protects against external and internal attacks. The program thus creates the connection between the Internet provider and all stationary and mobile terminals. When switching from school and media servers or learning platforms, the management of the school network need not be changed.

For a safe and responsible use of the Internet in schools, we are happy to provide you with further information on the products "Schulfilter Plus" and "Schulrouter Plus", which can be perfectly integrated into your school concept.

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