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Computer technology has improved at an exponential rate in recent years, thereby enabling ever more precise computational models. This has accelerated computer-based product development and led to the progressive digitalization of entire fields, with the amount of data that needs to be stored doubling every two years.

The increasing challenge is to store and achieve this ever-growing volume of data securely. At the same time, access to data should also be performant and system-wide.

To this end, new storage systems are available that can be configured in line with the scale-out and scale-up principles. We will be more than happy to advise you on this, as well as on the interfaces and protocols best suited to your individual requirements.

As your partner for HPC and cloud environments, we offer a broad range of solutions: from classic NAS systems for heterogeneous and virtual environments through parallel HPC storage systems, and rounded off by object or replication-based storage systems. The latter method in particular is suitable for cloud environments or affordable data archiving.

Using state-of-the-art storage technologies and file systems, we design a storage system that fits in your system environment perfectly. Here, we also satisfy the highest standards for business-critical environments. In collaboration with our technology partners, we implement highly scalable storage appliances with numerous integrated functions.


We look forward to you and your project!