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MEGWARE’s road to success covers more than a quarter of a century of technological history. What began on February 1, 1990 with the production of computers in the garage of one of the company’s founders has grown into a pan-European company for high performance computing and IT solutions.

The beginnings of MEGWARE

What began in the garage

The founders of the company, Dr. Gerd Maudrich, Steffen Eckerscham, and Jürgen Gretzschel, started out with just six employees. The company rapidly expanded. Before long, we had opened 30 computer stores in Central Germany and become a full service provider of IT system solutions for SMEs, schools, authorities, and universities.

In the mid 1990s, we began to develop and produce scalable compute clusters. The first MEGWARE cluster was supplied to Chemnitz University of Technology in the year 2000. The Chemnitz Linux Cluster (CLiC) had been planned, produced, and installed within just a few weeks. In the same year, it achieved 126th place in the Top500 list of the fastest high performance computers in the world, and also received the award for the world’s fastest computer based on conventional computer components.  

This project was the prelude to a wealth of system installations in research institutes and universities and for industrial and commercial customers throughout Europe. Many of the projects we have carried out to date are for systems counted among the top systems in the relevant countries and occupying excellent positions in the TOP500 list.

Customer focus, quality, and adaptability, coupled with inventiveness and spirited tenacity have been the main pillars of our company history for more than 30 years now.  

A wide variety of requirements constantly necessitate different technologies and maximum creativity. With our innovative and real entrepreneurial spirit, we target the European HPC market with new technologies. We leverage our know-how and many years’ project experience to pick up trends and transform them into customized solutions.

We aim is to improve existing products, to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. That’s why each year we invest in research and development and work closely together with the sector’s technology leaders. A multitude of in-house hardware and software developments help us lead the way in the HPC sector. The German engineering skill of our highly qualified, long-standing employees enables us to strengthen our market position in Europe.