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We combine the strengths of 50 highly motivated and qualified employees, who have already supplied and implemented high performance computers to and at research institutes, universities, and industrial and commercial customers throughout Europe.


TU Darmstadt

4,352.41 TFlop/s RpeakOverall computing power
616Compute nodes
59,136CPU cores
494.59 TByteTotal memory
Rank 92Top500 (June 2020)
Rank 48Green500 (June 2020)

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University Siegen

1,097.30 TFlop/s RpeakOverall computing power
457Compute nodes
29,248CPU cores
118.60 TByteTotal memory

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

400 TFlops/sOverall computing power
148Compute nodes
9,472CPU cores
14.21 TByteTotal memory

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Short clip of the Brain Cluster installation


The extension to the „Brain“ Cluster impresses with its' 180 MEGWARE SlideSX-LC Compute-Nodes equipped with 360 Intel® Xeon® 6240 CPUs and heats the…

Short video of Lichtenberg II now available


The installation of the High Performance Cluster „Lichtenberg II“ at TU Darmstadt was definitely a special highlight this year. It was ranked 92nd in…

Video shoot at the fastest university supercomputer in Germany


The most energy-efficient university supercomputer in Germany (Top500 List June 2020), Lichtenberg II, is located at TU Darmstadt. We spent two days…

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