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MEGWARE’s road to success covers more than a quarter of a century of technological history. What began on February 1, 1990 with the production of computers in the garage of one of the company’s founders has grown into a pan-European company for high performance computing and IT solutions.


Goethe-University Frankfurt

1.45 PFlop/s RpeakOverall computing power
472Compute nodes
18,880CPU cores
Rank 449Top500 November 2018

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University Münster

1.1 QuadrillionFloating point operations per second
412Compute nodes
15,000CPU cores
72.4 TByteTotal memory
Rank 417Top500 Juni 2018

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

400 TFlops/sOverall computing power
148Compute nodes
9,472CPU cores
14.21 TByteTotal memory

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New HPC-Cluster for University of Rostock


Equipped with 88 MEGWARE compute nodes, 16.9 TB DDR4 main memory and a theoretical compute power of 292.9 TFlops RPEAK, the new HPC Cluster provides…

New MEGWARE Compute Cluster is put into operation at TU Freiberg


The new MEGWARE Compute Cluster at TU Bergakademie Freiberg is now officially inaugurated. The program for the ceremony consisted of a series of…

MEGWARE installs the second DEEP-EST Module at JSC


The build-up of the prototype system for the DEEP-EST project is entering the second round. After installing the first module (Cluster Module) earlier…

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