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ASUS, MEGWARE Contribute to HPC Cluster Project at University Mainz

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 26 — Together with MEGWARE, a Germany-based leading HPC integrator in Europe, ASUS has provided over 500 of its RS904A-E6/PS4 servers to meet the needs of the MOGON HPC cluster project at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, a German university known for advanced research.

Based on the June 2012 TOP500 supercomputer list, the new cluster has achieved the honor of ranking 81 worldwide. It is based on the ASUS RS904A-E6/PS4, which employs four AMD Opteron 6272 Interlagos 2.1GHz processors, up to 64 cores per node, InfiniBand QDR at up to 40Gb/s, and 1620W 80 PLUS Platinum power supplies. Thanks to its unique architecture and performance, the Mainz supercomputer is currently maintaining over 225TFLOPS performance in the Linpack benchmark.

Partnering with MEGWARE

MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH is a leading HPC provider located in Germany, serving markets across Europe. The company focuses on customer-oriented, tailor-made, and innovative systems and services, alongside research and development, production, consultation, and distribution. Together with MEGWARE, ASUS previously helped provide for the supercomputing needs of the Vienna Scientific Cluster project (completed June 2011), allowing it to rank 56 in the TOP500 list upon debut. The two companies have teamed up again this year to build the MOGON HPC cluster for Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Getting tangible results for Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Known for research in mathematics, biology, medicine, geosciences, physics, chemistry, biology, and mechanical engineering, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz contacted MEGWARE to build an HPC cluster to strengthen its computational capabilities. Hardware specifications required the cluster offer the best performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Together with ASUS, MEGWARE assembled a powerful yet cost effective HPC cluster, leveraging advanced hardware and an efficient supply chain.

Installed in June at the university, the MOGON HPC cluster currently ranks in the TOP500 supercomputer listing as number 81 globally, with 33,792 processor cores capable of 204.99TFLOPS. It ranks number eight among Germany-based supercomputers. The new cluster offers researchers state of the art supercomputing technology. It supports more extensive research and helps maintain existing programs while enabling new initiatives and promoting better science.

Hardware Highlights

The MOGON HPC cluster uses over 500 ASUS RS904A-E6/PS4 servers with high-speed InfiniBand QDR interconnection at up to 40Gbps with exceptionally low latency. The RS904A-E6/PS4 employs an extreme computing density quad-CPU design, with quad-channel memory, and quad LAN. While powerful, it maintains up to 94% energy efficiency with 1620W 80 PLUS Platinum-rated power supplies, ensuring stable, long-lasting and efficient operation.

"MEGWARE's primary objective is to deliver high quality HPC solutions. The ASUS platform used is designed especially for applications in high performance computing, meets all technical demands and represented the best cost-effectiveness, as well", said Doerte Grapow of the MEGWARE HPC sales team.

“Performance and product reliability were essential decision criteria when choosing ASUS server hardware. ASUS delivered excellent performance and the technical cooperation between MEGWARE and ASUS engineers was brilliant”, commented Peter Grossoehme, MEGWARE HPC Engineer.

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