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MEGWARE awards the contract for a new HPC cluster at University of Siegen

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With over 460 MEGWARE nodes in eight server racks, the Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnik (ZIMT) of University of Siegen will receive new computing resources for simulation and big data applications by the middle of the year. MEGWARE was already awarded the contract at the end of 2019. The new HPC cluster consists of high density dual socket servers, which are equipped with the latest AMD EPYCTM 7002 processor technology. The compute nodes are connected to the Mellanox Infiniband Fabric with 100 Gbit / s. In addition, there is a parallel file system based on Spectrum Scale with a net capacity of 1.15 PB. In advance, all servers are assembled on a special production line, are fully wired and run through several endurance tests (stress and burn-in tests) at the MEGWARE headquarter in Chemnitz. The finished system is going to be delivered and installed at ZIMT by summer 2020 and will particularly support research in the areas of deep learning and data sciences.