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MEGWARE delivers first Graphcore IPU-POD16 installation

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As Graphcore Elite Partner we offer specifically designed processors which accelerate machine intelligence. With the delivery of the first Graphcore installation to the Steinbruch Centre for Computing (SCC) at KIT, as a Center for National High Performance Computing (NHR), researchers can get access to an IPU-POD16 AI system. It is equipped with 16 Intelligent Processing Units (IPUs) and is the first system of its kind in Germany. Furthermore, the configuration contains an associated host server with the latest AMD EPYCTM processors.

As part of the „Future Technologies Partition“ the system belongs to a hardware and software test bed for innovative and disruptive technologies and supports users with calculations in the field of AI and Machine Learning.

More Information about the IPU-POD16 installation

Photo: Simon Raffeiner (KIT/SCC)