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MEGWARE fosters the ecosystem of Arm®-based HPC technologies

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The mission of the Open Edge and HPC Initiative (OEHI) is to foster the development of an open and feature-rich ecosystem for Arm®-based technologies. MEGWARE has a history in being hardware- and technology agnostic to address the specific needs of our customers in our individual HPC solutions. In this context, Arm technology has been part of our portfolio for many years. While the Arm HPC ecosystem is in a healthy and stable state, many applications still need to be ported and optimized to benefit from the Arm features. Within the OEHI, MEGWARE wants to support this porting and optimizations efforts by enabling and educating users and providing access to latest Arm hardware platforms. Together with other leading partners within the initiative, MEGWARE will also support Hackatons organized by OEHI.

If you want to access Arm HPC servers from Huawei, please send an email to Currently we have four servers with dual Huawei Kunpeng 920-4826 CPUs available in our benchmark center.

More information on our benchmark center