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New HPC-Cluster for University of Rostock

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Equipped with 88 MEGWARE compute nodes, 16.9 TB DDR4 main memory and a theoretical compute power of 292.9 TFlops RPEAK, the new HPC Cluster provides an excellent framework for future calculations. Once again, MEGWARE was awarded to support the university of Rostock for extending the data center computing resources.

Primarily the cluster is required to solve scientific and engineering issues in the field of fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, physics and chemistry as well as biomedical engineering“ said Dr. Walter from the IT and Media Center of University of Rostock.

The 88 compute nodes are equipped with 176 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable 6248 CPUs and have a total of 3520 CPU cores. With a blocking factor of 1:3, the HDR Mellanox high-performance network provides an optimal throughput up to 100 gigabits per second. Furthermore the cluster includes a data storage system based on BeeGFS with 17 GB/s read and write performance. For cluster management and monitoring tasks the in-house developed software tool ClustWare® will be delivered by MEGWARE.