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A comprehensive tool for benchmarking HPC applications directly on the cluster. The integrated solution automates and streamlines the entire benchmarking process, providing users with in-depth performance insights into their applications.

xbat (extended benchmarking automation tool) is designed to support and streamline your benchmarking efforts with high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The tool automates the entire benchmarking process through a user-friendly web interface, eliminating the need for extensive setup. It allows users to run, monitor, and evaluate their applications effortlessly, consolidating the entire workflow into a single, intuitive platform. By automating job configuration, submission, and performance monitoring, xbat provides both novice and experienced users with easy access to a wide range of in-depth performance metrics.

The tool collects detailed performance metrics that cover every aspect of the computing environment, encompassing up to 120 different metrics, including CPU usage, memory bandwidth, I/O operations, network interconnect performance, energy consumption, GPU utilization, and FPGA metrics. This extensive data collection enables comprehensive performance analysis and optimization, helping users identify bottlenecks and optimize resource usage.

The web interface supports collaboration, allowing users to share configurations and results easily. Features like automatic roofline modeling and dynamic data aggregation help users explore the memory- and compute-boundedness of their applications, facilitating optimized hardware utilization and performance tuning. Integration into existing cluster environments is straightforward, requiring minimal configuration and ensuring efficient resource usage.

xbat will be made fully open source in 2024

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