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Efficient Direct Liquid Cooling

HPC solutions based on Intel® technology

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Liquid cooled MEGWARE solutions based on SlideSX-LC



Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

Pilot system for future system cooling concepts of HPC.

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DEEP-EST - Jülich Supercomputing Centre


Jülich Supercomputing Centre

Prototype system with innovative direct liquid cooling technology by MEGWARE.

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Brain Cluster - University Greifswald

Brain Cluster

University Greifswald

Hot water cooled HPC Cluster with reuse of the waste heat.

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Liquid cooled MEGWARE solutions based on 2U4Node

Lichtenberg II - TU Darmstadt

Lichtenberg II

TU Darmstadt

Most energy-efficient supercomputer in Germany (June 2020).

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NHR / Tier3 HPC-Cluster - FAU Erlangen

NHR / Tier3 HPC-Cluster

FAU Erlangen

Modern direct liquid cooling and extremely efficient hardware configuration.

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