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Benchmark Center

When deciding on HPC purchases, managers are often faced with the question of which system is the best system for their individual application. In addition to performance, the overall cost and energy requirement of the chosen solution are also crucial factors.

Practical performance measurement is a key aspect when it comes to identifying potential for optimization. Benchmark analyses help you select the right HPC components for you. We therefore work closely with the sector’s technology leaders and offer the option of testing your applications using up-to-date hardware not yet available on the market.

Thanks to its many years’ experience, the MEGWARE Benchmark Center boosts the necessary methodical expertise for the meaningful comparison of figures. Our HPC and AI engineers will be more than happy to advise you on the best configuration for you and provide you with access to the following hardware and software remotely or on site at our company:

Available Hardware

  • HPC servers from MEGWARE, Intel, Supermicro, Quanta, Gigabyte and ASUS
  • Processors:  Intel Xeon Scalable (Sapphire Rapids, Ice Lake), AMD Epyc (Bergamo, Genoa, Milan) and Huawei ARM v8.2 Kunpen 920
  • Accelerators: NVIDIA Tesla A100, AMD Radeon Instinct (MI100) and Xilinx Alveo U280
  • Parallel file systems from Panasas as well as IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS), Lustre and BeeGFS
  • InfiniBand interconnect EDR or HDR from Mellanox and Omni-Path from Intel
  • DDR4 memory from Samsung and Micron

ManufacturerTypeCoresClock in GHzQuantity
AMDEpyc "Genoa" 9334322,72
AMDEpyc "Genoa" 9534642,454
AMDEpyc "Genoa" 9654962,44
AMDEpyc "Milan" 7713642,08
AMDEpyc "Milan-X" 7773x642,28
IntelXeon "Sapphire Rapids" 8470522,08
IntelXeon "Sapphire Rapids" 8480562,04
IntelXeon Max "Sapphire Rapids HBM" 9468482,14
IntelXeon "IceLake" 8362322,82
IntelXeon "IceLake" 8368382,42
IntelXeon "IceLake" 6346163,12
IntelXeon "IceLake" 8360Y362,48
HuaweiKunpeng 920-4826482,68

AMDRadeon Instinct MI2102
Xilinx AlveoU280 (PCIe Gen4)1

IntelOptane DC P4800X375GBPCIe-NVME2
IntelOptane DC P4800X375GBU.28
IntelDC P45104TBU.24
IntelDC S350080GBSATA4
Micron1100 SED256GBSATA1
SeagateExos 2X1818TBSATA4
Western DigitalDC SN6401.6TBU.22

Cornelis NetworksOmniPath100GBitPCIe3 x1612
MellanoxConnect-X6 HDR InfiniBand200GBitPCIe4 x164
MellanoxConnect-X4 EDR InfiniBand100GBitPCIe3 x164

Available Software

  • Operating systems: Linux (Red Hat, SUSE) and Windows HPC Server
  • Compilers: Intel C and Fortran compilers, GCC
  • MPI implementations : Intel MPI, Open MPI, MVAPICH
  • Optimized software libraries, such as ACML and Intel MKL
  • Cluster management software ClustWare® from MEGWARE
  • Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition including Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, Intel® Inspector and Intel® Advisor
  • Artificial Intelligence  / Machine Learning Frameworks: caffe2. cntk, digits, mxnet, pytorch, tensorflow tensorrt, theano, torch

We will be more than happy to perform a proximate analysis for you, free of charge. Further benchmarks and optimizations will be charged for at cost.

Tobias Pfennig

Tobias Pfennig
Sales Director