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In practical applications, clusters are operating at especially high rates of utilization of the total system, and each individual component is required to produce maximum performances at all times. For the development of our clusters, we are therefore primarily using cabinet systems featuring sophisticated cooling and ventilation concepts, variable current distribution systems and reliable safety mechanisms.

ClustRack® differs from the many cabinets available in the market, because it offers modular adaptibility. Depending on local conditions at the user's location, the cooling concept of the cabinet can be individually adapted to obtain high levels of cooling power. The cluster is docked to purchaser's building infrastructure inside the cabinet system and ready for connection, and it is handed over in a turn-key condition.

Our Rack is available in 14 different sizes. It is already equipped with an appropriate current distribution system and the reliable protection system RackSecure® for emergency shutdown in case of failure of the air-conditioning system, without any extra charge.

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