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SlideSX® is the further development of the MEGWARE-server series and particularly optimized towards high computing performance and combines energy efficiency and availability with ease of maintenance.

The flexibility of the design means that it is possible to equip the system with two types of compute nodes.
This means that for universal scientific and technical applications the system can be equipped with up to 10 nodes with high-performance processors with the Intel E5 series (Ivy Bridge, Haswell) and E3 series (Haswell) processors or the AMD Opteron 63xx series (Abu Dhabi). Alternatively, for scalable special applications the system can be fitted with up to 5 accelerated compute nodes, each with 2 computing accelerators of the Tesla series form NVIDIA or Xeon Phi from Intel.

Both node types can be fitted together within one chassis, housed in space-saving array in a compact case form of just 5U.

SlideSX® is Intel® Cluster Ready certified.

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