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The 8th HPC User Meeting will be held on 7 May


Chemnitz, 7th May 2015 - This is the eighth time that MEGWARE has invited top-level European researchers, users and developers in the field of high performance computing.

The meeting will feature interesting talks and personal reports from the industrial, scientific and research sectors. High performance computing (HPC) offers users and researchers a wealth of benefits in scientific computing to model and simulate complex systems. Today, HPC is used across all areas of natural and technical sciences, and in the technology location Germany in particular. Over the last 15 years, MEGWARE has risen to become a leading European supercomputing specialist.

Providing a broad variety of outstanding in-house developments in hard and software, MEGWARE has consistently designed progressive ideas and products which have made the company one of the highest performers within the industry. Our engineers continuously develop new and innovative HPC key technologies, among them chassis, PDUs, cluster management software or a number of variants for direct cooling. MEGWARE will take this year’s User Meeting as an opportunity to present its latest development, the SlideSX-LC. So far, the SlideSX HPC Compute Platform has been available with efficient air cooling. On 7 May, we will show you the version with highly efficient direct liquid cooling. In the liquid cooling (LC) model, each server module is equipped with a cooling unit for direct liquid cooling. The  waste heat is transferred directly to the water cooling cycle, meaning the fanless servers save energy. Also, operation at high cooling water temperatures enables energy-efficient, all-year free cooling or downstream use to produce hot water or support the heating system, among others.

Another highlight will be the announcement of our 1000th HPC systems. MEGWARE delivered its first high performance computer – CLiC – in 2000, which at the time consisted of over 500 desktop computers, connected to produce a cluster. This system was ranked 126th in the TOP500 and had a compute power totalling 143 GFlops. We were awarded the contract for our 1000th cluster 15 years later, but will not disclose the client’s name until our in-house event on 7 May.

The HPC User Meeting is an opportunity for numerous discussions and personal contacts with participants from the HPC Community, our employees and technology partners. The response from participants has been consistently positive in previous years. Large  numbers of attendees from the fields of research, teaching and industry have come to Chemnitz from Norway, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Austria and Germany to share their knowledge and receive advice on methods, applications and opportunities in the field of high performance computing.
Moreover, the event has confirmed that our path of seeking more intense cooperation between research and teaching with constructive support from industrial companies is precisely the right way to introduce greater efficiency, precision and speed to calculations of outstanding problems such as climate research.

The significant interest shown in recent years lets us look forward with pleasant anticipation to 7 Mai 2015, when we will be happy to welcome you in Chemnitz.

You will find a constantly updated agenda of this meeting at

About MEGWARE Computer GmbH
MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH has developed over the course of its quarter-century company history to become established as one of Europe’s leading specialists in high-performance computing and IT technology. To this day, the company, domiciled in Saxony, has delivered and installed 1000 supercomputers to research institutes and universities, and to customers in industrial and commercial sectors. MEGWARE cooperates closely with its customers to produce efficient concepts that are tailored to the individual needs of the project. MEGWARE employees provide expert planning in the phase leading up to procurement, which involves the production and test of the complete system right through to its turnkey installation and the desired service and support packages. Delivering a large number of outstanding in-house developments, MEGWARE has designed products that have made the company a high-performance trendsetter within the industry.

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