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ColdCon® - Hot water cooling

The efficient cooling of a cluster’s hardware components is a core issue in the field of HPC. Supercomputers already consume a great deal of energy generating the necessary cooling and air conditioning. Innovative solutions are therefore required to ensure that the growing demand for ever-more powerful, energy efficient systems can continue to be met in the coming years.

Our engineers have developed the innovative hot water direct-cooling system ColdCon®, which can re-cool the waste heat produced into free cooling and reuse it.

Heat receiver are directly integrated in each slot within the server system. The heat produced is directly absorbed by the processors and chipset through hot cooling water and is fed from the nodes to the local water-cooling cycle. The heat hotspots are thereby cooled highly effectively.

The secondary cycle is a closed cooling cycle, and therefore not dependent on the local water quality. Various housing systems, mainboards, and CPU technologies can also be flexibly adapted to our hot water solution. Individual components can be exchanged easily and securely. All connections are leakage free.

ColdCon® can be used at flow temperatures of 25°C and higher. The main advantage of a direct water-cooling solution is, however, the possibility to achieve higher return flow temperatures. Return flow temperatures above 35°C enable the use of free cooling or reuse of the waste heat produced, to support the heating system or generate hot water, or to cool buildings and rooms.

Operating costs are reduced and energy efficiency increases, since no valuable energy is lost. At the same time, the system components become more reliable, while the system stability increases.

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