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EXTOLL & MEGWARE establish Benchmark Center

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SC16, the premier international exhibition and conference on high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis, will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, from 13 to 18 November 2016. EXTOLL will present its activities on high-performance network technology together with extremely dense 2-phase immersion cooling system at booth# 3836.

Very recently, EXTOLL and MEGWARE have installed a collaboration for distributing compute systems having integrated EXTOLL’s network technology based on a PCI-express gen3 x16 plug-in board with EXTOLL’s TOURMALET ASIC on it. MEGWARE will install a test system where prospects and customers can be granted remote access for testing their applications and verifying the real speed-up. MEGWARE will present its capabilities in building and integrating HPC systems and clusters at the SC16 at booth# 2531 (shared with Numascale).

The EXTOLL network yields high-performance with ultra-low latency and extremely high hardware message rate. It is a direct network, i.e. no central switches are required. This saves investment, space, energy and effort for reconfiguration, hence it reduces TCO. Moreover, TOURMALET provides a PCI root complex, thus being able to remotely boot and operate other PCIe-based hardware such as accelerators based on, e.g., GPUs, FPGAs or Intel XEON Phi. This enables hostless nodes and - particularly together with GreenICE - allows for ultra-dense compute systems. A standard GreenICE system provides up to 32 nodes within a 19” x 10HU chassis. If equipped with Intel XEON Phi (Knights Corner) this system yields 38 TFLOPs peak. The system can be run with GPUs from NVIDIA or AMD as well. Since heat is dissipated by hot water cooling, passive external heat exchangers are sufficient. The absence of moving parts renders GreenICE a quiet HPC system that can be run even in a standard office environment.

The MEGWARE Benchmarkcenter offers real performance measurements and thus is a key for identifying optimization potential. Benchmark analyses help to select an optimum set of HPC components in advance. “We therefore work closely with the sector’s technology leaders and offer the option for testing applications using up-to-date hardware yet to come to market. For MEGWARE it is an interesting opportunity to be the first company trying to successfully run Extoll Interconnect on its own Benchmarkcluster” said Joerg Heydemueller, Representative at MEGWARE. “The results were very promising in terms of scalability and performance. There is no doubt that this will open up new options for HPC. MEGWARE and Extoll would like to cordially invite all prospects and customers to test performance and scalability on the updated Benchmarkcluster in Chemnitz.Contact: 

B6, 26
68159 Mannheim

MEGWARE Computer und Service GmbH
Nordstraße 19
09247 Chemnitz, Germany