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Austria's most powerful supercomputer with diverse range of possible applications and high energy efficiency.

TU Wien


The Vienna Scientific Cluster 5, a joint project of 16 universities, is the next expansion stage bringing world-class high-performance computing for Austrian science.

The Performance, the diverse range of possible applications and energy efficiency were the decision criteria for us when it came to buying the supercomputer from MEGWARE.

Univ.-Prof. Ulrike Diebold | Institute of Applied Physics | TU Wien


4.30 PFlop/s Rpeak Overall computing power
710 Compute nodes
98,560 CPU cores
475 TByte Total memory
Rank 301 Top500 (June 2022)

There was a particular focus on energy efficiency and performance during the development of VSC-5. The system consists of 710 water-cooled dual-socket computing nodes with AMD EPYCTM processors and MEGWARE’s ColdCon® technology. This means that all the components around and on the board are cooled with hot water. The temperature of the cooling water is lowered without additional compressor cooling using a chiller and stand-alone cooling unit.
VSC-5 is the supercomputer for the whole of Austria. It is used for a diverse range of applications, as for example simulations in astrophysics and cosmology. The very low-threshold access and the versatility was one of the main criteria when selecting VSC-5.


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