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Most energy-efficient supercomputer in Germany (June 2020)

TU Darmstadt


Since 2020, the MEGWARE supercomputer LICHTENBERG II provides optimal conditions for flexible and efficient scientific computing, especially for computationally intensive applications at TU Darmstadt.

We have a really well-rounded system here that allows our researchers to work on interesting questions using the best possible tools and thus advance science.

Prof. Dr. Christian Bischof | Scientific Computing | TU Darmstadt


4,352.41 TFlop/s Rpeak Overall computing power
616 Compute nodes
59,136 CPU cores
494.59 TByte Total memory
Rank 92 Top500 (June 2020)
Rank 48 Green500 (June 2020)

In the first of two expansion stages LICHTENBERG II will provide its users with a real peak performance of over 3,148 PFlop/s and a total of 257 TByte RAM. In the announced Top500 list of June 2020, the High Performance Cluster LICHTENBERG II of TU Darmstadt made it to the TOP100 and is currently the fastest univeristy HPC supercomputer in Germany.
Powered by Intel Xeon Cascade Lake AP 9242 and Nvidia Tesla V100 it provides computing power for intensive scientific applications.

The high performance cluster can be used, for example, for the material sciences as well as for the turbulent combustion of synthetic fuels.

A special focus is on the sustainability of the system. So rather than simply releasing the heat generated by LICHTENBERG II into the environment, we feed it via the hot water cooling of the compute nodes into the district heating grid that connects all of the buildings on the Lichtwiese campus.


We look forward to you and your project!